Connan, or the spells from his black moleskine notebook.

1946. Connan sees the light of day. A light which has constantly illuminated his path, to its heightswhere he becomes captivated by the awful and delectable enchantment of forms both profane and sacred. His instincts take him south, toward feral fabrics and fascinating colors. He studies graphic arts, especially the vivid aspects, and finds connections with darker mysteries. Military service plunges him deep in the heart of the black forest in Germany, wherer he continues to accumulate influences.

1968. Creativity found beneath the desk. Connan enters the world of advertising, where he gains experience from creative to production. From Assistant, to Art Director, to Creative Director, he climbs the ladder of success. Working with people of great talent, he creates famous, award-winning campaigns. This school, combining imagination and rigor gives him a creative boost and teaches him about breaking barriers. In 2000, he opens his own communication agency.

2008. Portrait of an awstruck artist. Samarkind, China, New Mexico, Marquis Islands, Bhutan - these are his dream states. An inveterate traveler, he finds inspiration for his art on the road. His black moleskine notebook describes savage textures, the weft of embroidered fabrics, the goldsmith's ornamentation, votive paintings culled from the Silk Road, the heights of the Himalayas or the Andes. Between the saint's crypt and the shaman's yurt, Connan gives voice to the magician and the madonna. Here he finds his emerging, personal way of expressing the eternal woman, as well as permeating an empty space with an incomparable aura.

Recognized today as a technician of the mythic. Connan imbues his art (furniture, paintings, dolls...) with unique, aesthetic propositions and amulets of diverse beliefs - giving his creations an uncommon mythic charge both bewitching and protective. This comes to light in a well-noted 2008 exhibit of his large-format surrealist creations in New York City, Soho. In 2009, he is invited to show by the Gal-on Gallery in Tel Aviv, where the magic appears again. Today he is preparing his next exhibit, slated for New York in September 2011. Talent and enchantement are the order of the day.

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