When classic furniture is clad in a magic energy, reupholstered with a protective force, and is imbued with the spirt of talismans of ancient civilizations,
its design assumes a rare and precious aspect.

In his furniture design, the tribal, ethereal colorist painter Jean-Luc Connan again gives us his unique expression, this time metamorphosed from canvas to chair. Mythic wonders and votive armor define and protect these pieces, consisting of a normal sculpted wood frame envevoped in spell-binding myth and marvel. The shimmering fabrics, from caravanserais and remote villages - made not only from thread but from ritual and tradition - are combined in a unique cross-cultural medium. Fabrics both ceremonial and sensual, dense with enchanting complexity in both design and color.

An inveterate traveler, Connan returns from each trip, his baggage bursting with these rare textiles embroidered or woven by hand. From Uzbekistan, where the Suzanis of Boukhara and Samarkand create fabrics of infinite variety, fabrics reflecting their oasis culture, whether recreating a perpetually blooming paradise or designing a patchwork of Ikat silks using talismanic triangles. From the kingdom of Bhutan, magnificent traditional Kiras with silver brocade. From China, protective dragons and powerful love symbols, stunningly woven of pure silk.

Inspired by these Silk Road treasures, and more broadly by the diverse latitudes which encompass myriad protective symbols of the native peoples of earth, Jean-Luc Connan, using unprecedented combinations of fabric, pattern and texture, draws his own latitudes in imagining the blending of traditional western seating with amulet textiles of little-known cultures and beliefs. He has invented a line of seating truly unique in the world of fine furniture. The result is a work of art of such strong aesthetic (and even spiritual) presence that it completely alters the feeling of whatever room it inhabits.

Each piece, totally individual and unique, carries its birth certificate, dated and signed by the artist, beneath the seat.

To inquire about availability or to commission a piece, please contact us.

If you are interested in one of these creations, a personal presentation with the artist can be arranged.